The enemies of mankind

1. Shraah


The vile Shraah, those who struck at the very heart of man

Arriving from the depths of space, the origins of the Shraah still remains a mystery. They invaded Earth in the hundreds of millions and spread like a wildfire. It took mankind a full century of war to finally uproot the cursed Space Toads.

2. Grub Tribes ( The Nillah)


The second to test mankind

Utterly convinced and blinded by an ancient prophecy, the Grub Tribes fought humanity to the last individual. Never once did they respond to diplomacy, only fighting ever fiercer with each attempt.

3. Synthezoid


Destroyers of flesh

With their Flesh Creators long since dead, the Synthezoid blame other biological life of purposely infecting their masters. They wage an unending and ruthless war against all forms of life.

4. Dodecadon


Reckless Xenophobs

These beings abhore all that is alien. They keep as much distance as possible between them and anything 'unclean'. They seek to annhilate and expand. Exterminating without prejudice. Showing no mercy or compassion.

5. Dilantheen Union


Symbiotic Maniacs

A species that wishes to dominate and humiliate. They are a symbotic union of aquatic and terrestrial species. They work as one in their lust to subjugate the stars.

6. Grim Judges

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