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Viral Sun is set in the distant future,many thousands of years from now. Mankind rules an expanding sphere of space known as the Stellar Habitat, 400 light years from end to end. There are 3000 worlds and one trillion citizens and counting. As humanity pushes into the furthest reaches of known space, it sometimes meets opposition: the Shraah, the Grub Tribes, the Dodecadon, the Synthezoid, the Dilantheen Union and the Grim Judges, just to name a few on an ever growing list. Edit


  1. ==A Brief Look at Our History==
  2. ==Timeline==
  3. ==Species==
  4. ==Planets==
  5. ==Voices from the Stars==
  6. ==Weapons==
  7. ==Characters==
  8. ==The Complexities of Union Government==
  9. ==Rights and Duties of Man, Syn and Alien==

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